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Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

About Us

Long-established manufacturer of handmade candy, Daimaru Honpo.
We, Daimaru Honpo, are a candy shop, a manufacturer of candy handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Company Profile

Company Name Dainaru Honpo Ltd.
Foundation April 1, 1924
Incorporation April 1, 1975
Capital 45 million yen
Representative Director Yasuki Usami
Head Office Daimaru Honpo Ltd.
1-41 Sonaka-cho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi-ken 486-0949, Japan
TEL: +81 568-32-0613
FAX: +81 568-32-3327
Email: info@daimaruhonpo.co.jp
Description of Business

Processing and sales of candy confectionery; Private brand commodity production for various companies; Planning, production, wholesale and export of original products; Novelty product development

Main Custormers Various confectionery wholesalers (Kokubun Co. Ltd., SAN-ESU Ltd., Takayama Co. Ltd., Tanekiyo Co., Ltd., Yamahoshiya Co., Ltd., and others) in Japanese syllabary order
Domestic souvenir wholesalers
Export (Hawaii, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Israel)
Tokyo Zoological Park Society (Ueno Zoo, Tama Zoo, Tokyo Sea Life Park)
Nagoya City Art Museum, Kasugai City Hall
Various advertising agencies

Company History

1924 Founded by Keno/Norio/Takao Usami at Yabushita, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi.

Factory relocated to Onogi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, and started operating in full swing.
1961 Honorary Grand Prize at the 15th National Confectionery Exposition.
1968 Great Exhibition Award of Prime Minister at the 17th National Confectionery Exposition.
1975 Haruhiro Usami became the second president.
Head office was relocated to the current address (Sonaka-cho, Kasugai-shi).
1978 Started product planning mainly for handmade candy.
Built a sales network across the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
1983 Launched a series of "Rich Flavor"
Sold Japanese old-fashioned candy on fixtures.
1985 Began exporting to the U.S. and UK
1986 Proposed and released a product of "Doll Festival" Yu-Pack to Tokai Postal Administration Office.
1988 Yasuki Usami, the current president, withdrew from a planning company which he had worked for 5 years, and came back from Tokyo to work at Daimaru Honpo.
1991 The "Ameya" series received Encouragement Award at the Japan Package Design Grand Prix.
1992 Introduced Apple computers, "Macintosh".
Started proposal-based sales including in-house creation of package design dummies.
1993 Released "Karin Citrus & Honey Candy"
This has an innovative design for a cough drop package and is the best-selling product in our company's product lineup.

Started full-fledged proposing of products for "Doll Festival (March)"and "Respect-for-the-Aged Day (September)" Yu-Packs of Postal Administration Office.
Chosen as a recommended vendor for Yu-Packs and Furusato parcels by Postal Administration Offices of Tokai, Shinetsu, Shikoku, Kinki, and Kyushu.
1994 Planned and developed products by craftsmen of handmade candy, and sold them through wider sales channels.
1998 Yasuki Usami became the third president.
1999 Started product wholesale directly to Hawaii.
2001 The "Rich Flavor" series was introduced to a major US volume retailer.
2002 Released "Yuzu Citrus Candy".
Manufactured with the Yuzu Citrus juice provided by JA Umaji-mura.

Released "Grape Sugar 18 pieces".
Acquired process patent and utility model.
Selling grape sugar of 3 g each, which is individually wrapped and melts in the mouth more smoothly than ever, mainly to drugstores.

2007 Released "Go-kaku (= Success) 100% Grape Sugar".
Product of pentagonal (= Go-kaku) shape grape sugar to encourage students taking entrance examinations in sakura color package.
2008 Released "Heat Sweat Candy (Nekkan Ame)".
Product as a measure against summer heat illness, developed in collaboration with wholesale drugstore.

Released renewed "Karin Citrus & Honey Cnady" and "Refreshing Sudachi Citrus Candy".
Renewed two of our long-selling products.

Released "Kinako Crispy Candy" and "Sesame Crispy Candy".
A candy with new texture that makes you want to chew.

2011 Released "Grape Sugar with Salt Citric Acid".
Product of grape sugar with Shimamasu salt of Okinawa and citric acid as a measure against summer heat illness.
Shimamasu Salt is made by traditional techiniques in Okinawa.
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Our Mascot Character "Yasukichi"

This character appears on product catalogues, packages, and product displays.

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