Daimaru Honpo Candy Company

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Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Planning with Daimaru Honpo


Please request a quote from "Request for Quotation," with the design of "Art Candy" attached. (Designs may be sent by e-mail, fax or post.) In addition, please describe the plan for the candies in detail.

Start the ordering process for custom candy


We will send you a quotation and a proposal.

Daimaru Honpo will reply quickly


After confirming the quotation, please fill in the purchase order and send it to us. (Purchase orders may be sent by e-mail, fax or post.)
Once we receive the purchase order, we will start preparing for production. We will also contact you on our rough delivery schedule.

Place your custom candy order with Daimaru


Once the "Art Candy" is finished, we will send you an image by e-mail. We will also notify you the total quantity and send you an invoice.
For original products, customers are required to purchase the whole manufactured lot.

Your order is sent to production


Please transfer to the specified account listed in the invoice within a week after you receive your invoice.
※ Please pay the transfer fee.

Complete payment to receive your candy


We will make the shipment as soon as we confirm payment (we can respond promptly if you contact us after making payment.) Shipment will be made in one lump to your desired destination.

Delivery of your candy to your address

Get a quote for custom candy


Feel free to fill out an Quotation Form, including an image of the design you would like us to create.