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Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Planning with Daimaru Honpo

Excellent Promotional Items: Yasukichi Pack

We propose the "Yasukichi Pack"to make an impression when handing out business cards to new customers. The "Yasukichi Pack" contains one each of our major products and an art candy that says "Thank you". Place a business card inside the bag to draw attention.
Please contact us for details.

Candy with thank you written in Japanese


  • 1 Karin Citrus & Honey Candy
  • 1 Refreshing Sudachi Ame
  • 1 Yuzu Ame
  • 1 Deep Sea Salt Candy
  • 1 Grape Sugar
  • 1 Thank You art candy
  • Total of 6 pieces
Promotional Candy packaging

Small Gifts for Customers: Red-and-White Pack

We propose the "Red-and-White Pack" for those looking for small gifts to hand out to customers. Five pieces of individually wrapped beckoning cat candies are inside the pink and white checkered box. The checkered box has slits to attach business cards or message cards. Seven Gods of Good Fortune are illustrated cutely inside the box. Stickers can be selected from "Greeting", "Congratulations", "Thank you", "Appreciation", "Gift", and "Thanks" depending on the use.
Please ask for details.

Business card attach to slits in the box Candies to give away to customers
Thank you in kanji Kanji characters to be written on boxes

Daimaru Honpo Can Help You Plan Your Ideas

Daimaru Honpo has stock of bags of various sizes. We will propose a suitable size, or other containers depending on your plan. For example ...

Special candy bags in Japanese

Transparent bags with candies of your choice, closed with twist ties.

We also have a variety of twist ties. Stickers can be applied if supplied by the customer. If the candies are going to be sold, stickers indicating ingredients are available.

Plastic containers for individual candies

Plastic containers with individually wrapped candies.

Stickers can be applied on the plastic containers or printed paper can be inserted in it. Candies that cannot be individually wrapped are placed in a transparent bag before being set into the container.

We are always looking forward to receiving new requests!
Let us propose projects using candy products.