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Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Limitations of Custom-Design Candy

The candies do not come out exactly the same as the original design.

Candy and design are not exactly the same

Candies cannot be made in small lots.

Candy must be made in large quantities

"Art Candy" may not result exactly the same as the original design.

"Art Candy" may not result exactly the same as the original design (as printed). An image is illustrated in a small canvas of 3 cm for an "Art Candy" (Rolled Candy). Each candy has a different expression. There is a limitation to the art that can be created.

※ Before ordering, please acknowledge that although we make the best efforts to create the desired colors faithful to the original design, colors may slightly differ from the printed image because our craftsmen mix colors based on their instincts.

One lot of "Art Candy" is roughly 5,000 pieces.

Approximately 5,000 pieces of "Art Candy" is produced from one pot of candy. The production of "Art Candy"is a race against time. The design must be put together before the candy cools down and hardens. Many people are involved in making each part under the direction of a craftsman, and that is why we don't take orders for small lots under 5,000 pieces.

We do not indicate a reference price for "Art Candy."

We receive "Art Candy" orders for a variety of applications such as promotional products, novelty items, and sold in packages.

"Art Candy" can be used in infinite ways depending on our customers' desires. Daimaru Honpo is willing to work behind the scenes and be a part of the scheme. Indicating a reference price may be of inconvenience to customers selling "Art Candy." Additionally, we want to create products together with our customers based on their requests and opinions, and in some cases we may recommend candies other than "Art Candy." Therefore, Daimaru Honpo would like to propose a plan along with the exact price after receiving a Request of Quotation/Inquiry.