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Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Types and Specifications of Candy

Please send us information such as type of candy, photos of specifications, and manuscripts.

Art Candy (Rolled Candy)

Candies can be made with a design of your choice. These candies are art of a craftsman. They can be individually wrapped or made into lollipops.

Custom designs on lollipops

Molded Candy

Candies in the shape of strawberries, pineapples, oranges, etc. We also have lollipops in the shape of stars, hearts, flowers, and airplanes.

Hard candy in molded shapes

Old-fashioned Japanese Candy

We have a variety of nostalgic Japanese candy such as Nikki (cinnamon), Hakka (peppermint), Chadama (brown sugar), and Maccha (green tea).

Old-fashioned Japanese candy

Art Candy (Rolled Candy)

We create the basic design of the "Art Candy (Rolled Candy)" based on images or illustrations received from customers. A simple flow from customer's image to production is described below.

A pet as a model for candy design

"Nyantaro Candy" ©
Art candy with "Hana-chan," a cute tabby cat, as a model.
* Nyantaro Candy is a registered trademark of Toyofuji Ltd.

First draft of candy design

- Outer color (Outer roll): Green
- Inner color: Clear
We received an image and an illustration from our customer. Repeated meetings were held with craftsmen on where to add or modify to make it look like Hana-chan, and to what extent she can be reproduced, and the customer was updated.

Second draft of candy design

- Pink was added to the ears.
- The eye-color was changed from white to yellow.
Eye-color was changed and color was added to the ears upon discussion with the customer. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions during the meetings, such as why some parts can't be reproduced.

★ Green apple-flavored "Nyantaro Candy" is created!!

We will send an image of the finished art candy and notify the total quantity. "Nyantaro Candy" has many buddies now, and we still continue to receive orders.

Candy flavor: We recommend flavors associated with the outer color or the predominant color of candy.

  • Strawberry or apple for red.
  • Peach for pink.
  • Orange for orange.
  • Lemon for yellow.
  • Soda for kids/mint for adults for blue.
  • Melon or muscat for green.
  • Grape for purple.
  • Milk or yogurt for white, and so on…
size of candy and wrapper size of lollipop