Daimaru Honpo Candy Company

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Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Custom Wholesale Candy from Japan

Our Policy

Daimaru Honpo is committed to using direct flame.

A manufacturing process of evaporating the water content of candy with high temperature on direct flame. Every day, craftsmen make candy in the best state by feeling subtle changes in temperature and humidity by their skin from long years of experience. So, strictly speaking, the taste of candies, which are art creations of craftsmen, is ever-changing.

Daimaru Honpo can introduce a variety of candies to the world because we possess the skills of the craftsmen who continued to protect this process from the past.

Open Fire Candy Making

Daimaru Honpo is committed to making a wide variety of candies.

Daimaru Honpo produces candies of all flavors and shapes. "Art Candy," which has the same design wherever it is sliced, molded "Stamping Candy," "Crystal-Sugared Candy" seen in old-fashioned candy stores, "Lollipops" that are easy to eat, and soft "Chewy Candy" like Genkotsu Ame.

Candy in Jars from Daimaru Honpo

Original Products

Daimaru Honpo can produce original products according to customers' requests because of the wide selection of candies. We can make candies of different colors and flavors in small lots, and recently, Grape Sugar is available with printed images.

Not only do we propose the type of candies, but we will present ideas for wrapper/package designs (bags, paper boxes, and cans).